Paperback of The Letter - Kitty's Story

The paperback version of The Letter - Kitty's Story
I've just discovered that one of the most exciting stages of preparing a paperback version of a novel is getting that first copy in your hands...
Seeing my very first novel, The Letter - Kitty's Story, in digital format was pretty exciting but getting my hands on an actual physical copy was on a whole new level! Seeing the beautiful cover - designed by Berni Stevens - as a fully-formed paperback was just amazing! It looks even more stunning in the flesh. And, of course, as us bookworms know, there's nothing quite like the smell of a paperback, and I confess that I did find myself flicking through the pages and inhaling deeply!

My novel being available in paperback just so happens to nicely coincide with National Prosecco Day over here in the UK, so cheers to my fellow book-lovers!


If you'd like to add a copy to your TBR pile, then it's available on Amazon, together with the ebook version and you can pick it up here;

Happy reading!

Happy reading and thank you for dropping by.

Eliza x

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