I'm very pleased to be able to introduce you to Humphrey, Kitty's beloved elderly Labrador who features in The Letter - Kitty's Story. I had this felt version of him made by Stephanie Cowburn after seeing the amazing felties she made of people's pets. I'm sure you'll agree, she's done a wonderful job of Humph and really captured his character.


What's there to say about Humphrey? Well, he's an elderly gent - twelve to be precise, which is a whopping eighty-four in human years - but he doesn't let his advanced age get in the way of his rheumy eye for the ladies, much to the disgust of his long-suffering wife, Labrador, Ethel.

He's a handsome devil, with a grey muzzle, which lends him a distinguished air - think a canine George Clooney and you've got the picture.

Humph loves his stomach, especially when it's full of his favourite food, sausages, which make him drool in the most spectacular way. But most of all, he loves his mum, Kitty. His world revolves around her and he's never happier than when they are sharing a cuddle.

He has a terrible problem with wind - though he does try to push the blame onto Kitty's brother, Jimby, whenever possible.

Humph also has a dreadful problem with snoring, much to Ethel's disgust. Sometimes, it's so bad, she's forced to leave the Labrador marital bed to get away from it. Humph, however, is blissfully unaware, thanks to his age-ravaged ears.

Humphrey can smile, especially when he sees his mum. And he has the waggiest tail, which has been known to send mugs of tea flying off the coffee table in the living room!

Humphrey still believes he has the agility and stamina of a youngster. However, his attempts at chasing rabbits suggest otherwise, but what he lacks in speed, he more than makes up for in enthusiasm.

To sum Humph up, I think it's fair to say that he's loyal, adorable, handsome, and the best Labrador anyone could wish for.

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