Publication Day Preparations!

Publication Day Preparations

As the day for publication of my first novel, The Letter - Kitty's Story inches ever closer I've found myself keeping busy with a variety of book-related things...
Over recent weeks there's been a huge amount to do in preparation for June 29th - publication day - which includes a blog tour organised by Rachel Gilbey over at Rachel's Random Resources ( At times it felt like there weren't enough hours in the day, and so determined was I to get everything done, I was working late and managing on a measly four hours sleep. So, these last few days running up to PD kind of feel like the calm before the storm which I figured, was an ideal time to get my files/various bits and bobs in order!

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First off, I've been gathering together the scraps of paper that contain the numerous jottings I'd made on formatting - who knew I'd have to get my head around a whole host of techie, nerdy, geeky stuff? There had been a fair old amount to learn (read: helluva lot!) before I could take the rather nerve-wracking steps to prepare my manuscript for publication on Amazon KDP and Createspace. And, as it was my first experience of self-publishing, it took me quite a while to get to grips with it all. My old laptop slowly grinding to a halt didn't help matters, but I was at least relieved to find out that I wasn't responsible for everything that went wrong! Anyway, in the hope of making things easier next time, I've decided to make comprehensive notes on everything I had to do to get my book publication-day ready!

I've also been sorting through everything that's relevant to The Letter - Kitty's Story and keeping it separate from the next book in the Life on the Moors series: The Talisman - Molly's Story. For me, this is particularly important with the memory sticks, and I've allocated each story its own, as it's surprising how many different formats of the story you end up having. Keeping them totally separate in this way, helps my messy mind!

Taking a moment and sitting in a shady spot in the garden, enjoying the perfume of the roses that waft by on the breeze while having a read on my Kindle has been bliss - especially while we're enjoying a heatwave. It helps calm the jitters I'm feeling on the run up to my first publication day.

Fragrant rose from my garden

It may not seem wildly exciting, but it's helped me stay calm as the big day looms, and I do feel so much better for having all of my notes in some kind of order. I should maybe add that copious mugs of Yorkshire tea and several piles of ginger biscuits were involved in the process!

As this little blog post draws to a close, I'd just like to thank the people who've been involved on the journey to Publication Day. They are:

Alison Williams - Editor - thank you for your fabulous editing and for knocking my manuscript into shape. (
Berni Stevens - Book Cover Designer - thank you for creating such a perfect cover for my book. I love it!
Rachel Gilbey - Marketing Angel/Book Promoter/Blog Tour Organiser for Authors - many thanks for getting so many bloggers on board for the Cover Reveal and Publication Day Blog Tour and for making everything happen so calmly and smoothly.
Book Bloggers - huge, heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you who have given up your time and a space on your blog for my first novel.
My Family - for your love, support and patience - particularly when I hogged the dining table with my writing clutter for weeks on end!

So that's it; how I've spent my days on the count-down to the publication of my first ever novel. And I have to say, as Friday 29th June edges closer, it all feels rather surreal and almost as if it isn't me it's happening to. But I'm determined to enjoy every moment!

If you're tempted to read The Letter - Kitty's Story, I do hope you enjoy it. And if you'd like to get in touch, I'd love to hear what you think of it.


The Letter - Kitty's Story is available through Amazon here:

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