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Kindle - Why I'm Glad I Invested In One!

Are you a confirmed reader of strictly hard-copy only books? Wouldn't give a Kindle ( time of day? Well, I was once a member of that club, but now I've seen the light and my lovely Kindle Paperwhite is one of my absolutely favourite things ever! If you're in two minds about them read on, you might just change your mind...


So, just under a year ago, if someone said to me I'd be the proud owner of an Amazon Kindle and couldn't be without it I would've laughed in their face like they were some raving looney! Not, I should point out, because I didn't think Kindles were any good, it's just that I was (and still am) a huge fan of holding a physical, paperback copy of a novel in my hands. At the time I thought nothing could beat curling up with my favourite book in my sticky little mitts and a good, strong mug of tea (or Prosecco if it's after a certain time in the evening!). Ignorance is bliss, so they say. I'd argue that, with a Kindle, you wouldn't get to feast your eyes on a beautifully drawn cover, get a fix of how the paper feels between your fingers, or the comforting smell as you fan the pages, etc., etc., etc.!

But all that changed when the fabulous Mr Scott presented me with a b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l Kindle Paperwhite. Once I'd set it up (which was surprisingly quick and easy) I was like a child in a sweet shop with the wonderful array of mouth-watering books at my fingertips. Reasonably priced and downloaded in seconds, digital books were a revelation to me and I haven't looked back!

The screen, with its adjustable brightness, is easy on the eyes and means that, instead of reading on the sofa until the wee, small hours, I can snuggle under the duvet, dim the Kindle light and read away to my heart's content - providing Mr S's snoring isn't off the Richter Scale (though, in fairness to him I can read through pretty much any kind of noise and not be distracted). Also a plus is that the battery lasts for absolutely yonks and recharging is pretty quick.

Another bonus is that those clever folk at Amazon Kindle track your reading style and send you recommendations in that genre, as well as the latest releases. Oh, and did I mention that the device can store absolutely oodles and oodles of novels, making it perfect for taking on holiday, leaving plenty of room in your suitcase for any duty-free or other goodies that catch your eye?

Don't get me wrong, I haven't (and never could) give up reading paper books. But what I've got into the habit of doing is having a paperback and digital book running concurrently. So, in the morning, when I'm tucking into my breakfast, I'll read a physical copy of a book, and at bedtime, or when I'm travelling I'll revert to my Kindle, resulting in me being as happy as a little porky pig in...well, you get the picture!
Another whopper of a bonus of being a Kindle owner is the wealth of talented authors whose brilliant novels you won't find on the shelves in the bookshops. Amongst whom are my favourites:

Helen J Rolfe ( Read my review of In a Manhattan Minute here: book-review-in-manhattan-minute

Samantha Tonge( (though now also available in paperback - the book, not Sam!), Read my review of Breakfast Under a Cornish Sun here: summer-reading-list-3rd-instalment

Maxine Morrey ( Her novels A Winter's Fairytale and The Christmas Project are totally absorbing reads, and I'm looking forward to her next release.

Rosa Temple Read my review of Single By Christmas here: book-review-single-by-christmas

And I'm finding exciting new writers all the time!

To add further to the list of what makes a Kindle totally awesome is that you can pick up heaps of bookish bargains and sometimes, when authors are having a promo, you can actually download books for free! And, as long as you have access to wifi, you can browse your virtual bookshop and download novels any time, any place, anywhere!


There are several versions of the device for you to choose from, depending upon how much you're prepared to splurge, or what kind of resolution/pixel density you want, to name but a couple of differences.

Kindle Fire - £49.99 - £169.99*

Kindle Touch - £59.99*

Kindle Paperwhite - £109.99 - £169.99*

Kindle Voyage - £169.99*

Kindle Oasis - £269.99 (comes with leather charging case)*

(*Prices correct at time of writing)

So, once you've chosen your Kindle you'll need to grab yourself a natty little protective case for it, and there is a multitude to choose from. Mine is a generic tablet case from Cath Kidston ( which, I bought because it's so darn pretty - and it does a good job of keeping my Kindle safe, too!

So, there you have it, my closing speech, on why you should go for a Kindle. If I've tempted any of you to dive in and have a little splurge then I hope you love it as much as I love mine!

Happy reading!

Who are your favourite digital authors?

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