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Neal's Yard Remedies - Beauty Sleep Concentrate

For those of you who’ve visited my blog before you’ll already know I’m a big Neal’s Yard Remedies fan and the Beauty Sleep Concentrate is the latest product I’ve tried, tested and welcomed as part of my skincare routine. If you’d like to know more about it, read on…

The Beauty Sleep Concentrate is another one of Neal’s Yard Remedies (  products I first encountered as a sample size from their Award Winning Skincare Kit and, like the little pot of Wild Rose Beauty Balm (read my post here), I was so blown away by it that I knew I had to invest in a full-size bottle.


Neal’s Yard Remedies claim that the Beauty Sleep Concentrate has been formulated to work at your skin’s optimum time of regeneration, which is during the night, while you are fast asleep.

They state that the list of natural ingredients will replenish and recharge all skin types and that the concentrate has been clinically proven to provide 24 hours of moisture. Sounds pretty impressive, doesn't it?


As we’ve come to expect from the experts at Neal’s Yard Remedies a whole load of organic goodness is jam packed into their products and the Beauty Sleep Concentrate is no exception. So, from a list of ingredients as long as your arm, the big players in this formula are:

NARCISSUS TAZETTA (CHINESE SACRED LILY BULB EXTRACT) – a powerful antioxidant with anti-ageing properties. Its qualities are just beginning to be explored…

ALOE VERA – widely respected for its soothing and healing properties, well known for its qualities in cell renewal and tackling skin irritations. I think we’re all on first-name terms with this one.

YLANG YLANG ESSENTIAL OIL – a multi-talented oil with a light flowery fragrance, what can’t it do? For starters, as well as having a soothing properties that help you wind-down and chill-out (so is useful in the treatment of insomnia), it’s also good for balancing out oily skin, while at the same time offering a helping hand to those dreaded dry patches. How good is that? And did I mention it also has some of those naughty little aphrodisiac qualities? Ooh la la.

PATCHOULI ESSENTIAL OIL – has a sweet, earthy yet spicy fragrance and is another oil know for its soothing and calming qualities. Like ylang ylang it’s also useful in the treatment of insomnia. But that's not all, armed with cell regenerative properties, the ability to soothe skin irritations and even reduce the appearance of scars, means it can also work wonders on the skin. Another of Mother Nature’s multi-taskers and not just for hippies!

CLARY SAGE – while this little beauty is busy performing as a mood booster and reducing stress levels it’s also quietly working away at smoothing wrinkles. Thank you Clary Sage!

GRAPE SEED OIL – this amazing essential oil is excellent for sensitive skin and a whole host of other skin-shaped things, like: minimising the dreaded dark circles under the eyes, helping skin’s elasticity (thus reducing wrinkles and fine lines); having astringent qualities means it can help tighten the skin, minimize pores (so evens the texture); anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties help reduce skin irritations and so it's good for zapping the dreaded zits. Phew! I'm sure you'll agree that's quite a list. Grape seed oil, we love you!

CYPRESS OIL – another oil know for its soothing and calming qualities to help you chill out at bedtime.

CITRUS SINENSIS  (ORANGE PEEL OIL) – At the risk of repeating myself, here we have yet another oil with calmative and relaxation inducing properties. It’s also anti-inflammatory as well as being a cheeky little aphrodisiac!

As you can see Neal’s Yard Remedies Beauty Sleep Concentrate has some pretty impressive credentials and I was dying to find out what effect it would have on my skin. Luckily, the mini in the Award Winning Skincare Kit gave me the perfect opportunity to find out before I took the plunge and splurged on the full-size bottle.


Yes, it did!

The product is easy to apply using the pump dispenser which is helpful in controlling the amount you want to apply - it also helps reduce contamination. I use 3-4 drops on cleansed skin, and Neal’s Yard Remedies recommend you use it after applying any serum (if you use a serum don’t forget to give it chance to sink in so it can get on with its own job before you get stuck into the Beauty Sleep Concentrate).

Pleasingly the formula had a rich velvety texture and was absorbed very easily and quickly into the skin. As for the smell, it’s heavenly – those essential oils definitely sooth and calm. I felt as though I was giving my skin a luxurious treat.

The following morning I inspected my face in the mirror to see if I could detect any changes and I have to say that my skin had the appearance and texture it usually gets fresh from a facial i.e. my skin tone was smoother and seemed more plumped out as though it had had a good dose of TLC.  The product had obviously been busily working away, repairing and rejuvenating, while I was in the land of nod. I wasn't expecting such immediate results so I was one very happy bunny.

So, once my mini-sized version of the concentrate had run out I armed myself with the £32.50 it would set me back for a full-size 30ml bottle and headed over to the nearest Neal's Yard Remedies stockist to make my purchase. Bedtime wouldn’t come round soon enough!

A friend of mine who also purchased the Award Winning Skincare Kit was pleased with her results after using the concentrate. Her skin was having a rough time with spots breaking out combined with dry flaky patches. She felt that even after one night of use she’d noticed a marked improvement in her skin.

So, once again, my beauty favourites, Neal’s Yard Remedies have come up trumps with another amazing product that really delivers and fulfills its promises.

What are your favourite beauty skin saviours?

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