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Origins Plantscriptions Anti-Aging Power Eye-Cream

If you're on the look-out for a new eye-cream that really lives up to the hype, then read on to find out more about Origin's Plantscription Anti-aging Power  Eye Cream (

Eye creams are something I'm  quite fussy about and I have to admit I'm pretty darn fastidious in  my research before I take the plunge and splurge on them. With the eye area being so delicate they've got to tick a lot of boxes for me so, whenever possible, I like to  try out the little tester sizes on offer. However, this cheeky little product came recommended by a friend and that, together with Origins' impeccable reputation, was enough to sway me into going right out and buying a bottle.


Origins claim that with continued use, both morning and evening, you should be able to see a reduction in puffiness, crow's feet and crepey skin around the eye area. All within 2 weeks. Well, I have to say that my little ears pricked up when I heard this rather bold claim; I was most definitely interested.


Well, along with a heap of other goodies it contains:

Anogeissus leiocarpus bark extract - this powerful ingredient could be called collagen's best friend as it reduces its deterioration, which could be why it's so effective on  sagging, crepey skin. (It also has a heap of other benefits to the skin, but I won't go into them here as they're not relevant for this.)

Chrysantellum indicum(also known as Golden Chammomile) Chamomile - a gentle but powerful ingredient and an efficient anti-inflammatory, which could be why it's so great at reducing puffiness. It's  regenerative and reparative properties will help tackle the dreaded crepey, sagging skin, too. Interestingly, it's regularly added to skin products for the treatment of rosacea and it's gentle properties mean it's extra kind to sensitive skin.

Ascophyllum Nodosum Extract (Algae) - another ingredient hailed for its anti-inflammatory properties. It's also an efficient moisturiser that has powerful skin strengthening and healing properties. Perfect for reducing puffiness around the eyes!

Rubus Idaeus(Raspberry Leaf Extract) - packed with vitamins and minerals this little beauty not only has a toning and tightening effect on the skin but its antioxidant properties can see-off the damage caused by the dreaded free radicals. It's also pretty good at reducing irritation, too.

So, with such amazing ingredients that have a pretty decent track record for being some of your skin's best friends it's easy to see why Origins make such a bold 'see a difference in 2 weeks' claim. And I was about to put it to the test...

Off I trotted to the Origins counter at John Lewis, where I exchanged £36 for 15ml of Anti-aging Power Eye Cream then zoomed back home, eager to try it out.

I was rather pleased to see that the eye cream came in a tube with a handy pump which, not only helps to keep it fresh and reduces contamination, but also made it very easy to dispense. 

So, after cleansing my skin I popped a small amount of the formula - which had a lovely light yet creamy consistency -  onto my ring finger and, with a feather-light touch, I very gently patted the product in around the eye-socket. I was very pleased to find that it appeared to be absorbed very quickly and left no heavy, sticky residue.  Actually, now might be a good time to mention that I've been advised by a couple of beauty therapists that the skin around eye-lid area acts like a sponge so you never actually need apply creams to that part. Instead dab it around the eye socket just where you can feel the bone. Applying it in this way, particularly while using gentle a gentle patting motion, is known to be effective in encouraging lymphatic drainage which will also assist in the reduction of puffiness.

I've also been warned against over-doing it with creams of any sort (eye creams included) in this area as they can be too heavy for the delicate skin around the eye and can actually exacerbate puffiness, which is the last thing you want - you could say less is more. 

The Verdict

I'm very pleased to say that this is another success story for me, and within 2 weeks I saw a reduction in puffiness, fine lines and the skin around my eyes definitely appeared firmer. Happy days! The tube lasts for ages, too. I'm still on my first one and I've been using it twice a day for absolutely months. So, even though the initial outlay may make you reluctant to buy it, I would say it's actually pretty good value when you take into account the results and the length of time the product lasts.

Would I Recommend It?

Absolutely! Go for it, your eyes will thank you for it!

What are your favourite eye products and do you have any tips to reduce puffy eyes?

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